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Breaking Through Acrylic


Size of Oil painting : 20 X 30"

Russia, Cyprus and now Gloucestershire is home to Contemporary artist, LARNIE, also by the name, Luba Arnold. Her paintings are greatly influenced by artists Turner, Van Gogh, Cezanne also the favourite Matisse and Derain.

Luba’s passion for painting has developed over a number of years through private study.   Her preferred media is acrylic.

Luba draws inspiration from her travels. When not painting on location, she works from her notes, sketches and photographs. She is particularly attracted by morning and evening daylight and her sensory perception transforms scenes into vibrant Kaleidoscopic impressionistic artwork.

Her paintings are not always portraits of particular places, more an attempt to distill a memory of a space, with its light and atmosphere therefore leaving them open to other interpretations and perceptions.

Winner of a recent award in the Gloucester Open  Art Competition, Larnie’s work has regularly appeared in a number of exhibitions in Gloucester, Cheltenham, Torquay  and St. Ives in Cornwall.

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