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Polished Copper 150mm Light Shade

Polished Copper 150mm Light Shade

Introducing the Polished Copper 150mm Light Shade, a timeless addition to illuminate your space with elegance. Crafted with precision, this shade boasts a standard 30mm opening, perfectly suited for traditional bayonet bulb holders, ensuring seamless integration into your existing lighting fixtures.

Unveil individuality in every detail as each shade possesses distinctive characteristics, making every piece a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The polished copper finish adds a touch of sophistication, reflecting classic aesthetics while effortlessly blending with various interior styles.

With approximate measurements of 120mm in overall height and a shade diameter of 150mm, this light shade strikes a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its versatile size makes it suitable for a range of spaces, from cozy corners to larger rooms, providing a warm and inviting glow.

Elevate your home decor with this exquisite Polished Copper Light Shade, where craftsmanship meets style. Immerse your surroundings in a soft, ambient light that emanates from this carefully designed piece, creating a captivating atmosphere. Illuminate your living space with the charm of timeless design and unparalleled quality.

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